"It is an honor and privilege to highly recommend Neuropsychology Partners.  As a Pediatrician with greater than 30 years of practice experience, I always have the greatest confidence that my patients will recieve prompt, thorough and comprehensive evaluations.  The evaluations provide invaluable information....and allow collaboration with schools....and provide me with the information that I need to appropriately help families manage their child's academic journey."

Robert T Griffith, Jr., MD

Pediatric Associates

"As a medical school learning specialist, I needed thorough, accurate, and timely neuropsychological evalutions for my students.  Previously frustrated by the lengthy turn-around time required by most evaluators....I approached Dr. Margaret DiCarlo and was impressed with all aspects of her practice.....Dr. DiCarlo not only understands the need for thorough and timely evaluations, she also understands the minds of highly intelligent people who may also struggle in school.  Her pleasant attitude and outstanding work ethic make the whole evaluation process superior.  I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Margaret DiCarlo."

Diane E Green

Former Learning Specialist

Alpert Medical School of Brown University

"When my client requires a neuropsychological evaluation to help inform evidence-based treatment, I refer to Dr. Rebecca McLean.  The data in her evaluations is comprehensive and recommendations are specfic and parent friendly. She is accessible, collaborative and a trusted colleague."

Marcy Atkins, Psy.D.

Child Specialty Services

"I would highly recommend Dr. Kennedy at Neuropsychology Partners.  I have referred many patients and their families to her and have been consisently pleased.  The reports are extremely comprehensive, very readable and include excellent recommendations to capitalize on a child's strengths and stategies to help address any areas of weakness.  As part of my job, I read many evalutations and NPI's are consistently among the best.  I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy."

Dr. Judith Gnys

"I am writing this about the excellent Dr. Rebecca McLean...She is an absolute delight to work with, and is able to handle unique challenges that can arise in scheduling around parent and student schedules with ease...Dr. McLean has always been flexible, creative, and persistent. I recommend her to any schools and families seeking support on evaluations.  In my ten years of work in Special Education, Dr. McLean has been by far the easiest evaluator to work with, while also producing the best reports."

Andrew MacMannis

Assistant Head of School

Trintiy Academy of the Performing Arts

"Dr. Kennedy provided a thorough and comprehensive report for both my sons during their early adolescence....All of the staff at Neuropsychology Partners were very professional both from a business as well as a clinical perspective and I would highly recommend their practice."

Mom of 2 teenage patients

Cumberland, RI

"Throughout the past few months I have recommended your office and Dr. Rebecca McLean to so many friends!  I can't thank you enough for getting my family on the right path."

Mom of a 7 yr old patient

Portsmouth, RI

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