Learning Disability
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Concussion/Brain Injury
Executive Functioning
Neurological Conditions
Behavior Difficulties
Emotional Difficulties


Do you think that your child…

  • has difficulty learning to read or write?

  • has difficulties with focusing and paying attention?

  • has difficulty with social skills?

  • seems sad, angry, or worried?

  • has difficulties processing information?

  • has an atypical cognitive or learning profile?

  • is bright but underachieving?

  • takes longer to do things than he or she should?

Does your child…

  • struggle with day to day activities because of cognitive challenges?

  • suffer from chronic health problems like migraines, sleep disturbance, seizures, or other medical conditions?

  • have a history of a neurological insult from concussion, traumatic brain injury or stroke?

An evaluation at NPI can...

  • test language, reasoning, memory, attention, executive functioning, processing speed, academic abilities, and behavioral, social, and emotional functioning

  • confirm or clarify a diagnosis

  • develop a treatment plan that includes strategies to help your child achieve his or her potential

  • determine a baseline to measure the outcome of treatment or your child’s development over time

  • provide consultation to schools, health professionals, and other agencies to help your child get the services he or she needs to succeed

  • determine appropriate academic accommodations and supports

  • identify early intervention supports

What should my child expect...

If your child has questions about what will be done during the evaluation, you can tell them that they will not receive any shots or other types of invasive treatments.  We will be looking at how they learn and think by doing such things as drawing pictures, telling stories, talking, and solving puzzles.

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